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The Idaho City has endless activates to enjoy and participate.  The city itself has a special place in western US history, in it's infancy, it was the largest city in the Pacific NW!  Goldmining operations funded much of the civil war and with that a stepping stone for the development of the west.  We are surrounded by National forests, Bureau of Land Management, endless trails, rivers, streams and wildlife! 

Sport vehicle excursions

There are hundreds of miles of trails and forest service roads covering thousands of acres of land. The terrain varies from rivers to ridge tops with a little bit of everything in between.

We have partnered with Intermountain Power Sport Rentals to provide the best options when renting a sports vehicle.   IPSR has a large selection of sports vehicle to choose from.  You can make your reservations directly at 

Make sure to mention Apex Ranch & Resort to get the best price!

Hiking and trail blazing

We have it all … from -50 to +200 level hiking.  Excursions to include quite sauntering walking trails to the most challenging and treacherous hikes one can imagine, it's all up to you.    


Yes, for those that don't like to stand on flat ground ... we have plenty to climb!  From steep trails to almost impossible ridges! 

Wild Animals in the forest

Elk, Deer, Moose, Turkey, Hawks, Eagles, Mountain Cats and more!  

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